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The medals on my wall – A tribute to Mothers

Last week while I was sitting in my lounge and looking at my 8 month old daughter, and as it happens with so many of us parents, I started thinking ahead. I started thinking about the time when she would say her first words, when she would learn to brush her own teeth, the day she will go to school. And then my thoughts began to travel further…will she be good at mathematics like her mum and dad? Would I like my mother put in hours and hours of hard work to get her to excel at her studies? Would I like my mother put in the time and effort required to get her to become successful?

My thoughts wandered back to my parents’ house in Pakistan…to my old room…and to the little wall next to my bed where a little frame showcasing my medals hung! The medals I had once held so dear to myself that the thought of losing them made me paranoid. The medals that I had decided would be the first thing I would save (in addition to my dear certificates folder) if ever there was a fire in the house! And it was then that I realised that it was to my mother I owed them! Every medal, every certificate, every “good work” that I received on my homework, every praise I got from my teachers…I owed it to my mother. Sure there was effort and dedication from my end too but what my mother did for me is something I can never forget or repay!


I always took titles like “good student”, “high achiever” etc etc that had been used for me for granted. Sure I was brainy, serious about my studies and a hard worker but my mother was the person who had moulded me that way. Ever since the day I joined school my mother used to pick and drop me to school, she would never let me take a van to school as she felt I would get too exhausted so she used to burden herself with driving in Karachi’s crazy traffic during school rush hours. And I don’t remember a day when she didn’t bring in a little snack with her when she came to pick me up every day. Every afternoon she used to sit down with me and help me with my homework, prepare me for my tests etc. And during exam days since I felt that I could study better in the mornings, I used to go to bed early and get her to wake me at 4 am in the morning and she would gladly sacrifice her sleep for me. Never did she leave her prayer mat whilst I was in an examination hall…be it a simple school exam or my Chartered Accountancy final examinations…I was sure that my mother would be continuously praying for me during exam hours.

We usually take these little things and efforts made by our parents for granted. Back home I always heard the saying that you will realise what your parents have done for you when you become a parent yourself…its proving to be true now. This article is a tribute to all the mothers who sacrifice their sleep, wishes and happiness just for us. I love you mama and I won’t be where I am today had it not been for all your tiring efforts and prayers!

31 thoughts on “The medals on my wall – A tribute to Mothers

    1. True that. Its something I realized after being away from her…when you are thousand of miles away you miss her so much

  1. hina, This has brought tear to my eyes, the early risings, I can totally relate to this.
    Alhamdolillah , I live at the stone’s throw from my mother’s home,
    May our Mother’s live long with great health and made us Sadqa e Jariya.

  2. Alhamdulillah for the gift of our mothers. Let us celebrate them each and every day with our duas, patience and kind manners towards them.

  3. I owe my mother so much. I think I only really realised the amount of sacrifice and love that went into raising me after I had my own children. I don’t know if you have any other children but the older they get, the more work it is and you wonder how they did it all subhanAllah!

  4. I never knew my mother she passed away when I was 3 but but I read your post I want to be an excellent mother to my kids ! I want to have 11 children lol. But I was raised by my grandma and she always made me feel like a treasure taking care of me and just being there for me. No one knew she wasn’t my mom until I told them.

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