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Breaking the routine


And as it happens with so many of us…you start getting bored of the daily routine and frustrated in not being able to find time for yourself. Sure you get to enjoy a movie, some dramas or even listen to music if you are lucky but it tends to get frustrating when you feel as if you are just going on and on about life with nothing new to look forward to except the same old routine. The same happened with me!

With my infant turning 7 month old and me being on maternity leaves for a few more months, I was starting to get bored of the daily routine. There was nothing new to look forward the next day. With the little one waking me up in the morning, feeding her, changing nappies, cooking meals, cleaning chores etc etc and then waiting for hubby to get back from work…it was starting to get to me. Sure I had greatly improved my cooking skills and learned to manage my house in these leaves alongside taking care of my little one but I was quite good at these now and it was time that I needed a little change. And thankfully my baby had started on solids and was trying her hand at learning new skills so I was starting to get a little more time for myself. So I decided it was time to tweak my routine a little.

First and foremast I wanted to connect with my Creator and I was starting to feel as if I was slipping away from religion ever since I had moved to New Zealand. You don’t get to hear the Adhan (call for prayers) here nor do we have our parents living here to keep reminding us about all the good and religious things we had learned from them and it had been ages since I had read Quran (Holy Book), in fact it had been months since I had touched the Holy Book. Sure I was offering my prayers but what was the point in going and on about life without truly connecting to the Creator in my prayers. So I decided that no matter what I will try finding some time every day to recite Quran so now I take out 10 minutes every day to recite it, I know it’s not much but it has lifted off a burden from my chest!

CaptureNext up I decided to do something I was passionate about but it was just hard coming up with anything that I really enjoyed besides work. You see, working as an auditor with a Big Four Firm since the past 6 years didn’t really leave much time for myself or my hobbies. It was hard getting past all the work load, managing my studies and giving my family some time so I really never got much time to pursue my hobbies. I had been an avid reader and quite a good writer during my school days (Some good ten years back) but I was out of touch and didn’t have a clue about the latest bestsellers…it all seemed like years back when I would curl up in my bed and spend hours reading. Ah well! It was then that I just picked up my laptop and started playing with the keys and typing whatever came to my mind and soon I was engrossed in it. One month from that day and now I have a blog showcasing my writing to the world…something I am really proud of! Something that gives me a sense of achievement and connects me to the person I was 10 years back!

Next target – concentrating on myself. Managing a baby on my own during the day didn’t leave much time for myself…it’s been quite a while since I had gone to a salon for a facial, dressed up properly for events, in fact there were times when I used to skip lunch because either I was too exhausted to fix something for myself or I just short of time. So I decided it was high time that I looked after myself.  So now I whenever I have to go out for some events or parties, I try and spend a good half an hour before the mirror to get all nice and dressed up for events and getting rid of that sleep driven, crazy mum look off my face. Also I have managed to incorporate a healthy diet in my routine especially ensuring that I didn’t skip any meals. It just makes me feel a bit healthier and confident about the fact that I am taking proper care of myself in addition to my family which is quite a comforting thought as it’s hard for a sick mum to care for her family.

Reading the above might make you think that I am some kind of super woman…managing an infant, a house and all of this…seems like I might have been blessed with more than 24 hours in the day! Well that’s not true. I didn’t get into this routine in a day. It took quite some time and like I mentioned earlier kids of this age are more engrossed in their developmental milestones unlike the younger ones who just want to keep feeding and being settled to sleep every little while. Plus the key is taking it step by step. Once I was happy incorporating reading Quran in my lifestyle only then did I move to the next step of pursuing my hobby and so on. Plus I’ve kept pretty strict timelines…example no more than one hour of writing in a day otherwise I’d just keep writing and the house chores would suffer. Also I tend to work on my blog at night when my little one is fast asleep. Sure I am sacrificing some beauty sleep for it but it’s something I enjoy and makes me happy so why not? So I’d just say that in then end it all comes down to managing your priorities and interests and keep a balanced routine.

16 thoughts on “Breaking the routine

  1. I had the same feelings when my job did not allow me to do what I want. After, I realized that nothing will ever allow me to have time to look after myself when I don’t give me that time. I have now one day per week that just belongs to me and I do whatever I need to do. Escapes from the daily routine are important.

    1. Exactly…it gets so frustrating at times…it just feels like life is going on and on with nothing exciting.
      Its good to hear that you have a day allocated at least thats something to look forward to

  2. Ah perfect read to match my mood recently, been living in a bit of a rut lately and it’s really getting to me especially since I am at home literally all day everyday :/ need to switch it up soon insha-Allah

  3. I am facing the same issue these days. Life seems so boring and exhausting after having a baby. I miss going to work. Just waiting for my boy to start school so I can work again and interact with new people. Don’t want to leave him in the hands of a child minder ever!

    1. Yes that’s a mother’s worst fear. Unfortunately I don’t have family here so don’t have an alternative to daycare

  4. I love the way you write! You made me want to take in every word….it’s true things can be very tedious just after you have a baby..with the limited time and lacklustre routine all mummies can relate. You have to find that something special everyday…I remember working out religiously after my pregnancy during my babes sleep times, reading alot of Quraan as soon as I could from self help, diy etc. . I fell into a slump eventually because I felt worthless having left work and soon we went on my first trip to UAE…travelling gave me a lot of perspective and that’s when I took my fashion designing and makeup businesses more seriously…I also ditch my beauty sleep for it…and enjoy it sooo much! It’s beautiful to know others experience the same and work through need low periods to give you a push in the right direction…xoxo salaams.

    1. Thank you so much for the appreciation Waseema. It was wonderful reading your comment. I am glad things have started working out for you and you are doing something you enjoy 🙂

  5. I have learned to take out guilt-free time for myself *me times* which I find energising Masha Allah. We are only human, and need quality time to nurture our body, soul and mind.

    Happy you were able to set up a routine that energises you and makes you fulfilled.

  6. Quran surely does add barakah in ones life
    Plus I loved this article truly inspiring how you made time for the things you love taking one step at a time

  7. I’m so glad you’ve made a little routine for yourself 7 months in – it can be really difficult to pull yourself out of a slump especially when you have children, but once you do – you feel so much better for it. I started with little things like a Quran challenge – reading 5 verses a day with translation and the tafseer and that has been so nice. When I stop or get busy again, I feel that heaviness and discomfort and immediately want to go back to it again.

  8. I felt a little bit like this when I had my son, after a while daily life and chores just became repetitive but starting my blog also helped me to get back to doing something I really love.

  9. Great read Hina, hope you have also enjoyed the Newzealand’s landscape. Really it is very frustrating into the same routine but as the baby grows their demands also takes a high tide but you need the inspiration to keep moving.

  10. I am so glad I read your post at this time. I feel so overwhelmed at times with so many activities and extracurricular events, I just don’t have a grasp on everything. So your tips are very useful, may Allah put barakah in our time 🙂

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