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Restaurant Review- The Steak House Taupo

So we were in Taupo for Easter break and once we had checked into the hotel, the next task was to find a halal restaurant to eat since I was pretty hungry. Lunch time was long over and it was nearing dusk so I was hoping for an early dinner to calm my growling stomach. (And in case you are getting any thoughts…no I am not such a hungry monster all the time…just that we had left home early morning after a quick breakfast since Taupo was a 4 hour drive from home and the Easter traffic made it a 5 hour drive). So I began my search for a nearby halal eatery. “The Steak House Taupo” showed up on my search engine and I was quite surprised. It’s hard to find a halal steak restaurant in Auckland (quite a major city when you compare it to Taupo) and I was quite stunned to find one in a city like Taupo. Crossing my fingers and trying not to get my hopes too high, I gave them a ring to confirm if their meat was actually halal….and amazingly it was! Without wasting any time I made a reservation with them. However all my hopes went down the drain as my little one decided that she wasn’t too fond of the new place and started throwing tantrums. Well I don’t blame her, being strapped to a car seat for 5 hours would make me uncomfortable and irritable too. We decided to go for a quick take away and called The Steak House to postpone our reservation to the next day. The staff was kind enough to accommodate our request despite the busy Easter season.

The next day I was having a tough time waiting for the evening…two reasons for my excitement…firstly I am a Steak lover and it’s not easy to get your hands on halal steaks in New Zealand sure I cook some at home every 2-3 weeks but that’s not the same as a fine dining steak. Secondly we had had a pretty bad experience at Huka Prawn Park for lunch that day (you can find my post on the experience at Huka Prawn Park here).


At sharp 7 pm we arrived at the restaurant and were immediately seated. The ambiance was amazing. We were shown to our table which was quite nicely set up. The staff was quite professional and courteous unlike the ones you find at some of the Indian restaurants here who would discriminate Asians.



We ordered oysters for starters as I had been wanting to try those out forever and couldn’t so during pregnancy. We could opt for the number of oysters that we wanted which was quite convenient as compared to a starter dish where the quantity served is fixed.


12108094_10154551311885639_5213710404086277553_nFor the main course we ordered sirloin steaks (300 g each)…oh and by the way it is then that I noticed that their menu mentioned that their meat was halal accredited. The sirloin steak was priced at NZD 35 which I felt was quite reasonable.

The wait was long…I think 45-60 minutes for the main course to be served but I don’t blame the management since it was Easter and the restaurant was packed. Unfortunately for the two elder chaps next to our table, their order came in 10 minutes before ours and they were unhappy about the fact that the food had gone cold…perhaps because the cook had got it ready but since it was busy period and the serving staff was busy catering to everyone’s needs, it took a few minutes in being served. However the staff was quite apologetic about it and replaced it with a fresh hot meal.

Thankfully baby R was asleep when our food arrived. The steaks tasted pretty good…not too”well done” exactly as the way we had wanted it and absolutely worth the money paid for.The staff kept checking on us to see if we needed anything else and if the food was good. I’d say overall it was a good experience and anyone in Taupo looking for steaks must try it out.


  1. I am salivating now!! We really need to have a steak party. And yeah whenever I visit you, I need you to take me there!! Like mandatory. Ok???
    And do suggest them to serve elderly firat or have some sort of leverage.

  2. Woo! I love steaks. They are so tempting. Unfortunately, it’s not easy finding Halal steak houses in the non-Muslim countries but I am glad you did. It looks delicious. I think I will have one this weekend.

    Fatima |

  3. Places are always more busy during holidays and I have made the experience that both quality and service have been not as excellent as if you go at a normal day. Also the size of the portions tends to be smaller. Good that you found something better after the Prawn Park disaster 🙂 What I am interested in now- how do you find the places with halal food? Do you use an app or are there any webpages you use for your research?

    1. Normally through Zabihah and at times through google. Then I call up that place and check if they actually are halal

  4. Looks really mouth watering. Glad it was worth the wait especially after a recent disappointing restaurant experience.

    The mood of the place looks really warm and inviting – my kind of place.

  5. Never tried Oysters myself and never wanted to!! But the steak looks nice! The restaurant itself looks tempting too. That’s still quite a long wait to be honest, even if it is the holidays and they are busy.

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