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Dear Dad – I Love You Too

Dear Dad - I Love You Too

This weekend my social media was filled with beautiful posts for Mothers Day, pictures of pretty moms and the I love Mom profile pictures and probably that is what inspired me to write this post. Hey! I am guilty of the Happy Mothers Day post too, in fact, I even submitted an article to a local site in the hope of getting a prize for my mum in exchange. The article I sent in can be found here and yes my mum did get a lovely gift in return 😀

But that doesn’t mean I don’t love my father and that his importance is any less in my life. In fact, I’ve been going on and on about the sacrifices a mother makes for her kids in my various articles so I thought I might as well throw some light on the role of a father which is no less important than that of a mother. Sure a mother goes through a lot; discomfort during pregnancy, extreme pain when giving birth,  nursing and changing you, sleepless nights and what not, however, your father is not far behind in what he has done.

I have witnessed my father, my father-in-law and now even my husband (in the role of a father to our infant) and have seen the efforts they put in to provide their children with the best of everything.


  • Love him for the shelter he put above your head: The place that you call home, the comfortable bed you lie on…all reflect the endeavours of your father to provide you with shelter;
  • Love him for the food you eat: He works days and nights just so he can provide you with the most nutritious meal. He would forgo his own wishes just to get you the candies and chocolates you had been whining about;
  • Love him for each word you’ve learnt: Though he may not be able to spend much time at home but he willing spends his hard earned money to provide you with the best education. School fee, examination fee, college fee, books, tuitions, school picnics…he happily pays for whatever will help you become successful in life. Don’t make fun of his broken English or even his qualification, he was the one who paid and strived for your qualification;
  • Love him for the time he gives you: After a tiring day at work when one just wants to lie on the couch and relax, he still tries to spend some time with you. I’ve seen my husband work 12-14 hours and still come back home and play with BabyR because she enjoys sitting on his lap and playing with him. He would even happily sing her to sleep because she loves it;
  • Love him for everything he has given you: Every toy that you’ve played with, every piece of clothing you wear, every little of your wishes that he fulfilled…love him for that. Who knows how many of his own wishes he would have sacrificed to get you that guitar you wanted or that fancy bicycle that you saw at your friend’s house;
  • Love him for the sake of Allah: Quran mentions mother at numerous places however the importance of parents has also been highlighted on many occasion by the Holy Prophet and numerous Hadith and Quranic verses can be found on how we should be kind to our parents;
  • Love him simply because…there can be no one like him! He’s the super cool, super hero, the cutest person and the most loving man you will ever meet in your life!

I love you Papa (my dad)! I know the above doesn’t do justice to what all you have done for me but you are simply the best!

I love you Abbu (my father in law)! For loving me like a daughter and always remembering me in your prayers. For never making me feel like a “Bahu” and always taking care of my wishes.

I love you, Hubby! For being the best father to BabyR. I am sure she would appreciate and love you for it when she grows up.

16 thoughts on “Dear Dad – I Love You Too

  1. This post made me tear up. I feel like fathers get a lot of ‘bashing’ from people for not always physically being present with their children. But we fail to see that they’re whole life is centred around giving their child a happy, comfortable life. That’s not say excuse fathers for not spending time with their children but rather to show a little bit more understanding towards each other.

    Beautiful, soul-stirring post x

  2. Masha’Allah lovely article. My youngest is more attached to me than her father…possibly because I do literally everything for her while he works long hours. At that age they don’t realise how hard their father is working so that they can have everything they want. As she gets older she will understand.

    Yes fathers can work long hours BUT it is VITAL they make family time as well. Which is why as a family we try to do something on Sundays on his day off

    1. Yes poor things! They work long hours during the week and then help us with grocery etc on the weekends

  3. Yes, I really think fathers are sometimes neglected- their duties don’t necessarily have to be domestic, even the fact that they work long hours at their jobs is solely to provide for their families and then they’re expected to help out at home too (and they do it without complaining!). SubhanAllah 🙂

  4. Alhamdulillah for the gift of our parents.

    The role of the father cannot be underestimated or ignored. They are supposed to be super heroes and role models to their family as our beloved Rasul was.

    Lets nurture our young ones to become the best of fathers, balanced in Deen and dunya matters.

  5. Allaho akbar.
    Such a lovely article! I was planning to write about role of a father (in light of seerathun nabi). Your article inspires me to think better. It was just something I needed to read for the push.
    I love the choice of pictures. Most beautiful thing about your article is, the potrayal of love and respect you hold for the men in your life. May Allah increase it <3 many folds. Aameen.

    1. Yes Fatima! Unfortunately, we don’t realise how much they have done for us. We can never repay them but at least we should try to do as much as possible for them

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