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The Ultimate Exfoliator

I got this one as a gift and was quite excited about it. I had heard of exfoliating creams, scrubs, and other fancy products but this is the first time I had come across a tool for quick and effective exfoliation. The kit comes with two exfoliators, one for the body and the other for the face. I was excited about the one for the body but a little critical about the face because I don’t like to experiment much with my face. So I decided to give the instructions manual a read and decided to give the body exfoliator a shot.


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At first, nothing seemed to be happening in fact in my desperation to get results I probably pressed it too hard and ended up with reddened skin. However when I used it on my back I saw debris around the edges of Exfolimate and that’s when I realised that the product was actually working. Thereafter I continued using it for a week or so but wasn’t too happy with the results around the rest of the body except for my back which always showed a lot of exfoliated skin. However, I did feel that my skin was becoming quite smooth.

After 10 days or so of using the product, I decided to use it after showering gel and noticed the results to improve. Comfortable that the product was safe to use, I tried it on my face and noticed visible debris around the edges of Exfolimate.

Been using the product since then and quite satisfied with the results. Though there isn’t much visible debris now but that probably means less deadened skin and dirt on my skin. Plus the skin does feel a lot more soft and supple, which I think is what matters!

This is an easy solution for people who don’t have time for prolonged treatments and spa visits. It just takes 10 minutes but yes it does take a week or two before you start feeling the difference. However, I do feel that the product is a bit overpriced considering Australian products aren’t so expensive, however, this is probably because the blades are made of surgical grade quality stainless steel. My ones have been hanging in the bathroom for a month now and there’s no sign of rust on it.

(Note: I got this product for free to review but the review above represents my own opinion)

20 thoughts on “The Ultimate Exfoliator

  1. This does sound like a good product. I have also been thinking that I must now start taking care of myself too but still struggling to take out some time for myself. That only hour during the day in which the baby sleeps has so much work lined up for me but I will definitely think about it seriously now! Your review is very helpful. I think I should try this product.

    Fatima |

  2. Sounds like my kind of product – an easy beauty solution in 10 minutes. I must give it a try soon although I’m not sure about the face just yet.

    Thanks for the helpful review.

  3. I never heard about an exfoliator before. I use normal peeling and scrub (was buying quite a nice product in the US). But your exfoliator sounds quite interesting. If it costs around 30 Dollars as your link suggests, its not overpriced in my opinion. A good peeling lasts not that long and you also have to pay a lot. I think its also a good thing for people with allergies, right?

    1. Yes definitely. In fact its a must for those with allergies as you never know what reactions a cream may cause

  4. Oh I may have to try this for my back….get a lot of dry skin and was recently speaking to a skin specialist at a beauty counter who advised that it was probably because I wasn’t exfoliating. This looks like something nice and simple to use.

  5. Interesting! I would have loved to see more photos of the product – the blades etc. Also how easy is it to handle, specifically on areas like the back, given that it doesn’t appear to have a long handle? Have you noticed any sensitivity to the skin given that you’ve been using it for a while?

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