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After a long time…


I know it’s been pretty long since I wrote a post / article…it gets pretty hard for a working mother to balance work, a toddler and house chores. I won’t lie that I have missed this quite time where I got to be lost in a different world altogether and pour out my thoughts on a piece of parchment (well on a blank word document in my case)…but you know what I mean.

But it’s still pleasing to get compliments on your return to work (not on how fit and fresh you look..hah..that just becomes a dream after you become a mother đŸ˜‰ About your writing, I mean, and to learn that so many people had actually been reading your blogs and articles…did come as quite a surprise to me as I thought they had forgotten all my about my existence rather than actually address me as someone who’s become quite famous at work (considering the fact that I was away on maternity leaves then) đŸ˜€ Quite flattering, to be honest.

Oh well…I’ve got a great news to share today. After my first publication in a UK-based magazine The British Muslim Magazine (you can read my article here), one of my articles has made it to the Sisters Magazine (another UK-based magazine…yay…making waves in another continent)!! Alhamdulillah! Very humbled to be a part of such a great publication! 

You can read the article here

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