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My Friend was Diagnosed with Diabetes when she was 9


This one is particularly close to my heart and am delighted that it has been published in The Nation (one of Pakistan’s oldest English newspaper).

So if you know any typical Pakistani aunties and rhista ladies who judge a girls beauty by her complexion and her fertility on various other measures such as being Diabetic from childhood then please be sure to share this to spread awareness.

To read the article please click here

One thought on “My Friend was Diagnosed with Diabetes when she was 9

  1. You’re right! Sarah, your friend is an inspiration for all the patients. I just attended a seminar on Diabetes Day about the disease and learnt a lot of things related to this disease. However, diabetes at the age of 9 is a matter to think on! But, as you told about the Type 1 Diabetes, I hope if we can control it to prevent our future( which are of course children) from this horrible thing!

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