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Live with Ahmed Sunka

So Ahmed tell us a bit more about yourself? I work with the leading RAB GROUP of Malawi, an Agro-processing, trading and basic food & non-food distribution Group since July 2003. I am currently Group Deputy Managing Director (7 companies) in charge of all aspects of revenue generation, operations, logistics, and marketing and am a… Continue reading Live with Ahmed Sunka

Job culture in Pakistan versus outside pakistan

Another ICAP Gold Medalist on Jobs in UAE

ABOUT Syeda Mehrunnisa, a Chartered Accountant by profession is working in KPMG UAE at Dubai office in the internal audit department. Owing to the nature of her work, she has to constantly travel to and fro between Dubai and Abu Dhabi.   Mehrunnisa has previously worked with A . F Ferguson & Co. in the… Continue reading Another ICAP Gold Medalist on Jobs in UAE